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As a long standing client of Sarah, I wholeheartedly trust her when it comes to improving my skin. She's looked after me through my teens and now into my twenties, and has helped me to understand the changes in my skin and how to remedy any issues I may have. So, when she asked me to try her latest treatment, the Guinot Equilibre Purete, I knew it would really benefit my skin.

The first step, a warming exfoliation, is a really calming and lovely way to begin the facial. The warm, facial massage reminded me that it was time to relax, and allowed me to drift into a state of total calmness. The addition of the HydraClean electrode is also super relaxing, and pushes all those active ingredients deeper than hands alone could. Sarah knew this treatment would be right for my skin as she knows my skin just loves a clay mask. Applied over gauze, a mask formulated with green and white clay was smoothed over the skin and left for 10 minutes. Removing this mask was just delightful, as Sarah used hot towelling gloves to steam and massage the face during the removal. This also helped to open my pores for the part I was definitely dreading - the blackhead extraction. But, to my surprise, the extraction was relatively painless as the treatment had opened my pores enough to allow the pesky spots to slide out without any force. Topped off with a mattifying moisturiser, my skin was looking spot free and revitalised in just 40 minutes!

I had this treatment three times over three weeks, and my skin honestly has never looked better. Thanks so much, Sarah!

E. Kirkman

I always look forward to my treatments with Sarah at Essentials. They really are a treat for the skin, but also for the mind… as soon as you lie back on the heated bed, surrounded by Neom aromatherapy diffusers, it’s almost as if all your worries of the day simply melt away, allowing you to totally relax. 

I had the Guinot Detoxygene facial, a treatment formulated to tackle dull and stressed out skin - something I definitely needed at the time I visited. Sarah could see my skin was dull and suffering from stress acne, so suggested this treatment as my remedy - and she really was right. I always know Sarah will use her expertise to get my skin looking it’s best, and her knowledge is second to none. 

Starting off with a full cleanse and exfoliation, any dead skin cells are gently buffed away to prep the skin for the detoxifying mask. Set upon a layer of gauze, the mask contains a plethora of delightful ingredients alongside green clay to extract impurities caused by pollution and daily stress. During the 15 minute mask time, an arm and shoulder massage relieves any tension you may have been holding from days at work. Sitting at a desk in an office all day, I didn’t realise just how much I needed Sarah’s healing hands to work their magic in such a short space of time. Once the mask is removed, the facial massage commences. This was definitely my favourite part, and it left my skin looking plump and glowing. 

I honestly can’t recommend this treatment enough. Although this has been my favourite treatment I’ve had at Essentials, all of the treatments on offer are delightful and suited to a variety of skin types. 

Thanks so much for solving my skin woes Sarah!


Tranquility on my doorstep. A beautiful salon with a welcoming and calm atmosphere. Sarah is a very experienced therapist offering a range of fabulous treatments which can be tailored to suit your needs. The Guinot facials and CACI treatments are amongst my favourites, I always leave feeling rejuvenated. You wont be disappointed.


Sarah is the ultimate beauty professional. Her passion for her role means she is constantly researching and developing new techniques. Sarah invests in the best equipment, and only uses and sells top quality products. 

At Essentials, Sarah has created an oasis of calm and care. 

Sarah treats all clients as individuals and cares deeply about providing the most appropriate treatments to meet their needs. 

I feel very fortunate to have such excellence locally. 

Why go anywhere else."


I’ve been going to Essentials for a number of years. Sarah is very friendly and extremely professional. The minute you walk in the door of the salon you feel totally relaxed. It is decorated immaculately and is a perfect place to unwind and treat yourself to some lovely pampering time. The Guinot products and treatments together with Sarah’s expertise and knowledge give fantastic results. All in all, this is a wonderful, relaxing salon, made special by Sarah. I highly recommend it.

​Jacky B.

I have been a client of Sarah at Essentials for around 3 years.  

Having been recommended to her by a mutual friend and client, I attended one of Sarah’s open evenings in her salon which included a Guinot demonstration, which I found very informative (and there is always a ‘goody bag’ to take home).

Sarah is a thoroughly professional beauty therapist and we have regular consultations ensuring the regime I’m on is correct for me at this moment in time.   We discuss any skin issues, areas of concern and what my personal expectations are,  ie for me, anti-aging, skin tone , and in particular the eye area and looking after the neck and jowl area.

Although I knew of the Guinot brand I had not used it before.  I have since found the products easy to use, not fussy and complicated, which has enabled me to stay on a regular regime.

I have ongoing ‘maintenance’ facials and I am currently undergoing a course using Caci Synergie, incorporating this with my original facials, Guinot Hydraderm Cellualr Energy, ensuring my skin is actively working and rejuvenating.

For a special treat I love the aromatherapy facial giving the face a gentle massage and relaxation at the same time.

I would highly recommend Sarah and her Essentials Salon for all your beauty requirements.  A truly relaxing experience."

​Jackie Robinson

I've been having treatments at Essentials for over ten years, including facials, manicures, pedicures amongst other beauty treatments Essentials has to offer. Sarah is a very talented and professional therapist with many years experience, this shows in the standard of all her treatments. Sarah is very welcoming and always makes you feel 'at home' in a relaxing atmosphere. The products Sarah uses are of the highest standard and also available to continue your beauty routines at home. Essentials is a great place to be pampered and I would highly recommend. 

​Julie Stephens

I first met a Sarah about 9 years ago in the school playground as our boys were in the same class from reception. I could always see she was a professional and in the beauty industry as she was often straight off to open her salon after school run!
As I got to know her we naturally talked about our jobs and she told me about her business and where she trained and why she uses the products she does. There was never any pressure to become a customer, but I could see from her fabulous skin and the way she looked that her passion wasn’t misplaced. She truly believes in what she does and the products she uses.
As I am getting older I really wanted what Sarah offered in her treatments and decided to invest in myself more. For the past few years I have had regular facials and other treatments with her.
We have become friends over the years and faced various difficult situations supporting each other. Our boys remain friends and our husbands have become friends. This has made me see how authentic Sarah Is on both a professional and personal level. I would highly recommend her products, treatments and services and will continue to use them in the future. Thank you Sarah for making me a Guinot addict!!


I have been a client of Sarah’s for a few years now and have always found her friendly and helpful but also very professional. I have enjoyed many treatments and intend to enjoy many more.

​Denise Wallace

 I have been going to Sarah’s salon for many years and she is brilliant at what she does.
Treatments are in a beautifully appointed room, and the time spent there is always relaxing.
Sarah has a great way with people, warm, welcoming and completely down to earth - no false airs here like other salons.
Genuine treatments from a genuine, gentle lady.


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