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New from Guinot… The Equilibre Purete Treatment

If you’re looking to purify your skin, the latest facial regime from Guinot will surely do just that. Working to diminish imperfections, fight acne, eliminate shine and any pigmentation issues, this treatment is a powerhouse for troubled skin. And, what’s more, it takes just 50 minutes to work its magic! Simply sit back, relax, and allow your skin to be cleared of stress, hormonal, or even pollution induced imperfections.

How it works…

Once the skin is cleansed, the heated exfoliator is applied to the skin. This instantly warming potion is infused with Zeolite Crystals to eradicate any dead skin cells, leaving a beautifully smooth canvas ready to soak in the rest of the treatment.

Following this, the Purifying Cleansing Gel is applied to the skin in preparation of using the HydraClean electrode, a facial tool which diffuses a gentle warmth to clear the skin of toxins. The electrode is used to massage the serum into the face and neck, pushing the active ingredients into the skin to regulate and balance the sebaceous glands. This enhances the results of the initial exfoliation and prolongs the results of the treatment itself.

Any excess serum is removed from the face and the purifying mask is then applied over gauze, which is rich in white and green clay. This combination of clays help to restore the skins natural balance, absorbing facial sebum and opening the pores in preparation for extraction.

After 10 minutes on the face, the mask is removed using hot towels. Once the skin is clean, the extraction process begins, removing any blackheads that may have risen to the skins surface during the treatment. As the mask and hot towelling has opened the pores, the extraction is much easier and mostly painless.

To conclude the treatment, the new Acnilogic Cream Serum is used to restore balance, and a mattifying moisturiser is applied to nourish the skin.

Sarah’s Thoughts…

For best results, I recommend having this treatment once weekly, over a three week period. The results really are amazing, and speak for themselves. Why not give it a try!

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